Basketball Coaching Journey #3: Victory

Basketball Coaching Journey #3: Victory
February 17, 2020 1 Comment Basketball Journey Srdjan

And finally, it is here, a victory. One that was a great way to start the weekend. I am glad my team got to experience the amazing feeling of victory, and I could see they were way more excited for the next practice than they ever were.

Lack of motivation is not a problem of our team, the biggest challenge we as coaches face now is how to make their thinking work for the team. Most of the guys have strong points that can be used in-game but are lost at some point do to stage fright, due to not being confident enough to do it or just the lack of communication.

There are many things that we could do but we are starting from the mother of all sports, athleticism. We will boost their conditioning so that mistakes can be fixed with running back in defense. Slowly we started digging into the knowledge of the help-side defense and working more on the 1-2-2 full-court press. The press practice is more for our players to learn how to attack it rather than playing it as a defense for now.

There is no clear point guard, which we will hopefully manage to create in a couple of months and be ready for next season. This season will be sacrificed for the good of the team next year.

As always I wonder if there is something I can do more, and as always there is something. So far I will try to make them some videos, with highlights of the bad and the good. We will watch the film together and study the game.

The goal is to get them ready, next season will come faster than anyone thinks, so until then we will use all the games to learn about ourselves. To improve in basketball is hard and takes time, but lucky for us time is on our side.

Good Things That We Did:

  • Played Strong Defense
  • Ran in Fast Break
  • Didn’t Give up on Rebounds

Bad Things:

  • Communication was subpar
  • Slow reactions to the coach instructions
  • Wrong Starting Mindset
  • Passing
  • Man-to-Man Defense was terrible for a few players
  • Let too many 3 point shots

Basketball Goals for 2019/20 Season:

  1. Create a Point Guard
  2. Communicate Better
  3. Listen Better
  4. Get Physically and Mentally Ready
  5. Motivate Team
  6. Create a good environment in the lockerroom
  7. Win A Game
  8. Prepare for Next Season

The list might expand as time goes on, but all of us will work in the same direction.

Thank you, everyone, for reading, and if you have any questions or suggestions comment below on this post, or on Facebook. Youtube channel and Instagram coming soon.

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Srdjan International Youth Basketball Coach with experience in Europe(Serbia and Romania) and Asia(China). Coaching kids and developing their skills with the end goal of creating better adults with good values, and reaching beyond their basketball potential.
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