Category: Basketball Coaching

Category: Basketball Coaching

Why Basketball is not the most important thing we can teach them
March 7, 2020 Basketball Coaching Andra-Maria Manea

     Do you ever sit down and wonder what our job is as youth basketball coaches? To teach them the basics, right? How to dribble, how to shoot, how

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What is the best age for kids to learn basketball?
March 2, 2020 Basketball Coaching Srdjan

A lot of parents are concerned with when is it time my kid is supposed to start practicing basketball, but a lot of them forget that as soon as life

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How to deal with bad kids at basketball practice?
February 22, 2020 Basketball Coaching Srdjan

We all encountered at least one kid who we considered “bad”, and mostly (when we were first-time coaches) we tried out different methods to calm him/her down and make them

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Challenges In Basketball as a Coach
March 20, 2019 Basketball Coaching Srdjan

When it comes to basketball coaching, most of the coaches know already what’s going to be thrown at them from all directions. We all know the parents that want more

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