Category: Basketball Journey

Category: Basketball Journey

Basketball Coaches Journey #7: GM Role and Coaching at the same time, Serbia the Land of Basketball
July 25, 2021 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Hi everyone, it has been a while, and this was a long break even for me. A lot happened so I have now a lot to write to you about,

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Basketball Coaches Journey #6: New Season, New Team, New Positions
October 6, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Welcome back dear readers, I know I’ve neglected you for a bit, but let’s be honest who didn’t go a bit lazy in the last few months? As you know,

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Basketball Coaches Journey #5: The Corona Defense
April 14, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Well, we came to that time of the year, where everything was put to a stop. Personally I was hoping that this would not get out of hand, but as

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Basketball Coaching Journey #4: Beyond Basketball
March 1, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Another two weeks passed, we had a week off, at least game-wise, but that didn’t mean we slept on our goals. Working hard is as good as much as you

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Basketball Coaching Journey #3: Victory
February 17, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

And finally, it is here, a victory. One that was a great way to start the weekend. I am glad my team got to experience the amazing feeling of victory,

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Basketball Coaching Journey #2 Learning how to learn from losing
February 10, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

A difficult week, personally, but my team did have part of a lot of good decisions. Coming out from 2 lost games against two stronger teams, I saw something positive

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Basketball Coaching Journey #1 The New Start in Romania
February 4, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

After two years spent in China in various cities and companies, being the first none-American coach to briefly work for USBA China, and going through the amazing journey of creating

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10 Most Important Focus Points in Practice a Basketball Coach Needs To Pay Attention To
April 3, 2019 Basketball Journey Srdjan

This is a personal opinion and many of you might have additions or would remove somethings, so if you want to do add or remove something just comment below and

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Basketball Schools That I Learned From So Far (Serbian, Romanian, Chinese)
March 7, 2019 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Through out the last 5 years, I worked with coaches and kids from various different countries(Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, USA, Russia, China) and coached in 3 countries myself(Serbia, Romania, China).

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How my basketball journey as a player started and ended.
February 27, 2019 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Hello, as a first post I chose to tell you how I ended up in the basketball world. As of the day this was written, I am 26 years of

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