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Basketball Coaches Journey #7: GM Role and Coaching at the same time, Serbia the Land of Basketball
July 25, 2021 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Hi everyone, it has been a while, and this was a long break even for me. A lot happened so I have now a lot to write to you about,

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Basketball Coaches Journey #6: New Season, New Team, New Positions
October 6, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Welcome back dear readers, I know I’ve neglected you for a bit, but let’s be honest who didn’t go a bit lazy in the last few months? As you know,

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Basketball Coaches Journey #5: The Corona Defense
April 14, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Well, we came to that time of the year, where everything was put to a stop. Personally I was hoping that this would not get out of hand, but as

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Why Basketball is not the most important thing we can teach them
March 7, 2020 Basketball Coaching Andra-Maria Manea

     Do you ever sit down and wonder what our job is as youth basketball coaches? To teach them the basics, right? How to dribble, how to shoot, how

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What is the best age for kids to learn basketball?
March 2, 2020 Basketball Coaching Srdjan

A lot of parents are concerned with when is it time my kid is supposed to start practicing basketball, but a lot of them forget that as soon as life

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Basketball Coaching Journey #4: Beyond Basketball
March 1, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

Another two weeks passed, we had a week off, at least game-wise, but that didn’t mean we slept on our goals. Working hard is as good as much as you

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How to deal with bad kids at basketball practice?
February 22, 2020 Basketball Coaching Srdjan

We all encountered at least one kid who we considered “bad”, and mostly (when we were first-time coaches) we tried out different methods to calm him/her down and make them

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Basketball Coaching Journey #3: Victory
February 17, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

And finally, it is here, a victory. One that was a great way to start the weekend. I am glad my team got to experience the amazing feeling of victory,

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Basketball Coaching Journey #2 Learning how to learn from losing
February 10, 2020 Basketball Journey Srdjan

A difficult week, personally, but my team did have part of a lot of good decisions. Coming out from 2 lost games against two stronger teams, I saw something positive

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