Basketball Play: Spanish Pick n Roll Variation

Player 1 dribbles the ball the lane, than player 4 sets a screen for player 1.

Player 5 sets a backscreen for player 4 while player 1 uses the screen to get open at the top of the key.

Player 1 can shoot, drive or pass the ball to player 4 for an easy layup. Player 4 has options to pass to the corners or to score it.

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Srdjan Solkotovic
Srdjan Solkotovic
I am an international basketball coach, working around the globe spreading the love of basketball one country at a time. So far I worked in Serbia, China, and Romania, working as a youth and senior coach, creating camps, working individually with players preparing them for senior teams or USA college, and trying to work my way to the top. Currently working on getting my FIBA coaching license, while I am in possession of a Serbian Blue Coaching License and a Romanian "A" Coaching license.

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