Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Basic Dribbling Full Court Drill – Basketball Dribbling Drill for Youth

This is a basketball drill that can be used for any age group, it can also be made shorter for the smallest ones so they don’t go out of breath when reaching the other hoop.

Each Player has a ball(if you don’t have balls for everyone just make them rebound and pass to the next one without the ball after the layup.

Players 1 and 3 start at the same time, dribbling with the hand that’s closer to the sideline (1-Left Hand, 3 – Right Hand).
The drill can start with kids using only one hand to move through the cones (only dribble with the left or right hand), then progressively get more difficult depending on your kid’s level.
Use crossover, between the legs, behind the back, and even rolling moves to increase the difficulty. Although this drill is more of a fastbreak situational drill so I recommend you don’t go slow.


Coaching Points:

  • Keep the dribbling low
  • Fast change of direction
  • Keep your eyes on the basket
  • Don’t travel when starting the dribbling
  • Always be in a low thripple threat position when starting to dribble

By Srdjan Solkotovic

International Youth Basketball Coach with experience in Europe(Serbia and Romania) and Asia(China). Coaching kids and developing their skills with the end goal of creating better adults with good values.

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