2v1+1 Full Court Reaction Fast Break + Defense Basketball Drill


This drill is great fun for all the kids in your group. From 8-year-olds to 18-year-olds, it will provide with a lot of variety and teach them to react fast on fast breaks and to think about their next moves if they have the numerical advantage, or if they are defending, and how to do it against a numerical disadvantage.  In it, we have Players 1 and 1 as offensive players, while 4 and 3 are defenders. The coach is in the middle with the ball. At the first sign of the coach, the players start to go low in a defensive position and start to move their feet(Choppy Stepps or Low Skip whichever term you prefer to use).


Coaching Points:

  • Make sure to let the kids learn first and then teach them the right decisions
  • Explain the goal to the defense and offense
  • Goal Defense: Slow down the offense by positioning yourself well so that your teammate can come back and help you defend. Try to force a turnover by baiting the offense.
  • Goal Offense: Make sure to pass on time when the defender attacks you. If the defense is not attacking you go straight for the basket.
  • Make the drill continues after the kids learned what they have to do (aka as soon as one team moves the next one should run to the cones).

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Srdjan Solkotovic
Srdjan Solkotovic
I am an international basketball coach, working around the globe spreading the love of basketball one country at a time. So far I worked in Serbia, China, and Romania, working as a youth and senior coach, creating camps, working individually with players preparing them for senior teams or USA college, and trying to work my way to the top. Currently working on getting my FIBA coaching license, while I am in possession of a Serbian Blue Coaching License and a Romanian "A" Coaching license.

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