Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Dribble Slide Layup Conditioning Basketball Drill  
Great conditioning drill that uses defensive slides, fast dribbling, and layups.
This drill makes use of the full court. Player 1 dribbles the ball following the baseline to the corner, and changes hands and direction, after which he dribbles as fast as possible to the middle line corner. There the player holds the ball and slides to the other corner of the half-court. When the player arrives in the corner, the player does a back pivot and dribbles, and drives to the basket for a layup.



Coaching Points:

  • Make sure that players do it right, aka low dribble, look up, low defensive stance, good pivot and watch for traveling.
  • Push them to the limit, it’s a conditioning drill.

By Srdjan Solkotovic

International Youth Basketball Coach with experience in Europe(Serbia and Romania) and Asia(China). Coaching kids and developing their skills with the end goal of creating better adults with good values.

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