Half Court 2 vs 2 Running Basketball Drill

Run And Play 2 v 2 Basketball DrillThis drill focuses on the defensive side while keeping your players in good shape. Player 1 has a ball and plays on the same team as Player 3. Players x3 and x1 are defenders. The goal of the offense is to run around the cones in the middle and attack the basket, while the goal of the defense(x1 and x3 are to run around the cones on the sides and get into a defensive position to stop the offense.


Coaching Points:

  • Make sure that the kids run as fast as they can but remind them not to forget that they need to also control their speed when stopping.
  • The defense should watch out not to reach too early or too late. First, get in a good defensive position to slow down the offense then force a turnover.

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