Big Man Collaboration Basketball Drills with Guards

Player 5 will always throw the ball of the glass. After catching the ball we need our bigs to land facing to the sideline and see the whole court. This opens up chances to throw a baseball pass or an over-the-head pass. After the rebound Player 5 passes the ball to Player 1. Player 5 sprints to the paint while Player 1 dribbles and passes the ball to player 5 for a layup.

Variation 1:

We set a cone, a coach or even a player to put some pressure on the big. Player 5 this time sprints to the paint, makes contact with the defender and does a post up or deep seal in the low block.




Variation 2:

Player 5 now has to cut after beating the defender and goes for a layup or seals up the defender if they can get behind them.






Variation 3:

Player 5 goes to a simple post up play with either a shot from the low post or 1v1 play in the low post.

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