Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

The name comes from where I used it first. It was my first time coaching in Romania, as the coach of the U18 team, and with no action, I thought why not use the Passing Game Drill/Setup to give them an easy way to score with lots of options, yet still maintain a fluid movement.

Option 1: Quick 3-Point Shoot for a Wing Player (2,3)

We start with the guards (Player 2 and 3) on the baseline near the paint. They both receive a down screen from the bigs and rush to the wings. Player 1 passes the ball from the top of the key to whoever is open.






Option 2: Low Post Finish after the screen

If we didn’t shoot after the pass, the bigs switch sides, with the big closer to the ball setting a screen in the paint (Player 4 setting the screen for 5 as 3 received the ball).







As player 5 receives the ball he has three options, either score or pass the ball to 4 or 2 for a shoot. When Player 5 received the ball, player 4 moved to the elbow while Player 2 runs to the corner.







Option 3: Pick n Roll Finish with multiple options


If none of the options above are possible, Player 3 calls 5 for a pick n roll option, out of which Player 3 can choose to:

  1.  Penetrate and Score
  2. Penetrate and Pass to 5 for a close shot
  3. Penetrate and pass to 2  for a three-point shot

At the same time as Player 3 and Player 5 create a play, Player 4 goes to set a pick for 2 who ran into the corner.

By Srdjan Solkotovic

International Youth Basketball Coach with experience in Europe(Serbia and Romania) and Asia(China). Coaching kids and developing their skills with the end goal of creating better adults with good values.

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